I offer the following services:

  • Individual psychotherapy with adults
  • Individual psychotherapy with adolescents
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • CBT/DBT psychotherapy
  • Integrative psychotherapy

My approach to therapy is based on a strong foundation in psychodynamic theory and technique, and is further augmented by more pragmatic approaches. My aim is to help individuals understand the originĀ and function of their pattern of difficulties, develop a sense of compassion for how they came to have these difficulties, consolidate motivation to make necessary changes, and set out on a path toward progress armed with practical tools.

I help individuals identify how they tend to regard themselves and others, manage their feelings, and cope with difficult situations. I also help individuals identify how their early life experiences may have helped to shape these tendencies. Increased awareness of these patterns may open up greater possibility for personal transformation and improvements in one’s self-esteem, mood states, relationships, work, and general life direction.

Progress is often accelerated by the integration of more active techniques to help one develop specific strategies for making desired changes. More specifically, I have found Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to be very helpful for individuals who struggle with severe and enduring difficulties identifying feelings, managing emotional overwhelm, and actively negotiating needs in interpersonal situations. And Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) offers very pragmatic help to individuals trying to break out of counterproductive relational patterns.

Thus, I am able to tailor a therapy to one’s individual and changing needs, based on my clinical assessment and one’s personal preferences, using distinctly different–and sometimes uniquely integrated–approaches that range from insight-oriented and exploratory therapy, to more skills-focused work, or some combination of both.